Sam Ashcroft

Sam Ashcroft BSc(Hons) AFHEA

Sam has taught Research Methods and Statistics at University for three years. He teaches ten hours of lab-based research methods each week. Sam is an accredited Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, which recognises excellence in teaching practice.

He is completing a PhD using computer-based research, involving psychophysiological measures and experiments he coded in Python and PsychoPy. He holds an Undergraduate degree in Psychology with International Study (BSc with Honours). He has also been a research assistant and research intern on a large number of university-level projects.

Sam is enthusiastic about data science and coding; he is the President of the University Data Science Society and co-organises the local branch of a national coding organisation called CodeUp, and co-organises the Chester Data Insights group. Sam is also a member of both the Data Science Foundation (DSF) and Data Science Association (DSA).

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Brad Kennedy

Bradley Kennedy BSc(Hons) MSc(Dist) MBPsS

Brad has taught at higher education level since 2015 and has been marking on Research Methods modules for a similar period. Brad holds an Undergraduate degree in Psychology with Neuropsychology (BSc with Honours). Additionally, he has a master’s degree in Neuroimaging (MSc Distinction) which achieved the highest grade in his year. Brad is a graduate member of the British Psychological Society and is also a member of his University’s Experimental Psychology Research group.

Previously, Brad has investigated the asymmetry of language dominance and its relationship with handedness. He has also explored how language dominance is represented structurally in the brain using MRI diffusion imaging techniques to examine and visualise the white matter pathways. Brad is currently working on a PhD in social and cognitive Psychology and specifically is interested in the mechanisms of social intentionality.

Brad is a committee member of the University Data Science Society and in his spare time he volunteers as a flying instructor at a gliding school.

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Sam and Brad are both:

  • Teachers of Research Methods and Statistics at a UK University
  • Markers of University assessments (several hundred per year)
  • PhD students
  • Holders of Psychology degrees from various institutions
  • Active researchers

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